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September 17, 2005



Its looking good, tell me about the yarn I've given in trying to get the right sequence and hope that no one notices


A jigsaw puzzle, the sudoku of shrugs!


Yep, lime green was my missing colour, it only appeared in one ball out of five, and I saw them all being taken out of the same pack......but I only had two knots - (well, one knot and one lump) in all five balls.


Just noticed the foot in the photo - or rather the sock!


I remember Jill talking about this at Liberty, looks like it's not an isolated problem. Still, the shrug is looking very good; I'm sure it will be worth the effort.


Thanks for the tip re the aurora - if both you and Jill are experiencing missing colours its obviously not a one off thing. Quite fancied that shrug too - but not up to messing around right now. Just want to knit it without fuss if you know what I mean. Love the sock peeping out too in the photo!

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