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September 08, 2005



Hooray for shawls! Knit whatever your heart fancies, that way you'll be happy and the sweaters and cardis will still be there when you get a change of heart. By the way, I just bought Folk Shawls today and I love the Kimono shawl. I need to find out where I can get my hands on a copy of A Gathering of Lace - can you tell I'm in love with lace shawls at the moment? Haven't started knitting one yet. Just happy looking at them. So I'll be vicariously enjoying your shawl knitting too.


You're right, just knit what takes your fancy at the moment. Knitting is for pleasure and shouldn't become a chore. Have fun with socks and shawls!


Absolutely nothing wrong with socks or shawls, it's knitting after all!


Now you've done it, Dawn. I didn't know the Fibretrends site. Ahhhhh... I'm saving money to buy a new house. This is too cruel.


I would say go with what you feel. Nothing wrong with socks or shawls - there's probably more challenging knitting in some of your shawls than in many garments.


I've done some socks in that colourways, think it is Rodeo something? Thought I was the only one who lost ball-bands! Wish I had your gift for doing shawls so quickly, well, really doing shawls at all.....

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