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September 25, 2005



The Louisa Harding yarns are the only ones that I've fallen for this season and I've bought one of each to play with! My current favourite is the angora (what a surprise)


At least they're quick knits with all that chunkiness going on!


I see your enthusiasm is coming back. It is good news...
What sort of embellishments are you thinking of?


It was a fine morning indeed. Now if only i could be there now instead of here... A.x


Interesting - were they Rowan yarns garment samples?! Fun to look at and try on though I am sure. Looking forward to seeing your embellishments. Its all I seem to be making at the moment. They are fun and quick and make great gifts.


I bought the new Louisa Harding book and I also got some of the yarn. I love it and the colors are great. I will post them in the next few days. I have to get my daughter to help me take the pictures and down load them.


I love accessories and embellishments. Thinking of passing them off as gifts, instead of knitting scarves. They take much less time!

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