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January 05, 2007



Happy Birthday :-)

I'll guess at 10.32am


I LOVE the stripy cardigan! Happy Birthday. My guess is 11.17am


Happy birthday!

I'm going to guess for the same time I was born 10.30am.

Hope you have a great time tonight!


Happy Birthday! Hope the hangover isn't too bad tomorrow. I'm going to guess 11:38am.


Many happy returns!
I love a good competition - My guess is 11.53am


I am going with 10:47am! Happy Birthday!


10.15am. Happy Birthday and see you at Stash tomorrow - the striped cardy looks fab!


Happy Birthday! I'm guessing 11:47am; just in time for a nice leisurely lunch! But I'm really posting to say that I find it endlessly interesting how what we want to wear isn't necessarily what we want to knit?? So many people coveting moss stitch (or 1x1 rib, or basketweave - pick your bugbear of choice!) garments yet disliking the working of the stitch; I guess the other end of the spectrum is someone who knits items purely for the joy of the process and only a limited desire for the finished item. Hmmm... something to think further on, I think!


Happy birthday! I was born in the morning too...how about 10 am on the dot?


Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you....Happy Birthday dear Dawn... Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuu. :)

You are zipping through the Mission Falls cardigan! I love it lots! I like Ali too.

I am going to guess 8:45 am for the time you were born.

Oh, and Happy New Year too! :)


I was thinking 9.52am. It's a good time to give birth.


A very happy birthday Dawn - my guess is 11.01. Thank you by the way for the information re the Russian Dolls a couple of posts back. I am now on the hunt for a similar set for my son to add to his collection.


I guess 11:30 AM !! Happy Birthday to you!!!


happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to guess 11:15


Happy Birthday!!!!
Can't wait to see the jumper tomorrow x


Happy Birthday Dawn! Hope you enjoy your night out. I will guess 9.30am. Great progress on your wips!


*H*A*P*P*Y* *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y* !


Happy birthday, Dawn! How about 11.22.


Happy Birthday! I'm going to guess 9:11 am. By the way, can't wait to see the Ali Cardigan when it's done.


Happy Birthday, hope you had fun, I am guessing 9.48am.


Happy Birthday to you! - I'll guess at 8.07am


Happy Belated Birthday!!!!
I am guessing 10.00am.


shamefully my calendar told me that it was your birthday and I kept meaning to email and never quite did - v. ashamed. Happy belated birthday. Let's say 09:45 shall we?


Hope you enjoy playing with your birthday presents. I'll opt for 11:20

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