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January 08, 2005



Yes, Nic's colour-on-colour was so impressive, wasn't it. Jean doesn't know what she has lost! I like that Maya, though - did you get to see the scarf that Amelia was doing? In Maya, looked as if it was woven horizontally but was actually knitted vertically. I've got the pattern if you want a copy.....

Those dk socks - can you wear them with normal shoes? Are they not too thick? I have shoes I can't wear 4-ply socks with.....


Forgot to say we bought a new phone yesterday (for the house) and it has a hands-free facility, I can put the phone down and carry on knitting and conduct a conversation! Terrific! I could never manage to cradle a phone between my neck and shoulder.


At least your colour on colour scarf sits flat mine is going to need so much blocking its unbelievable.

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