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January 27, 2005



A yarn stash at work? I'm very impressed! The nearest I get is a bit of sneaky sock knitting when no one's around. That Swing Jacket is looking good, although I'm feeling your pain with rib over 200+ stitches. As for being cool about my Sockapalooza sock, ask me again next week when I've actually started knitting it!


'Jill always leaves Libertys with a little bag' - lies, all lies, I leave Libertys with a BIG bag generally...... And who used the cloakroom at Ally Pally to store bags, and found she had bought too much to go home on the underground?????

Tell you what was in the little bag yesterday - there was some new Regia stretch sock yarn (which I've never tried) in a blend of blues and sludgy colours - the 'new colours' according to Jules, (do I have a very fashion-conscious 10 yr.old grand-daughter?) so I bought a couple of balls to make her some socks.

Hope you have got past the first decreasing point, it was all that rib that put me off, but it will be lovely when it is done, and perhaps you will finish Rebecca this week-end.


Oh good, sounds like you've got lots more than me. I feel so much better now because it means I can go out and buy some more!


I really like that swing jacket. It's a lovely shape. I've stopped worrying about my growing stash...but the downside is I can never find what I'm looking for. Those inventory sheets need to contain location as well. I only have 2 bags of ASC in my work desk. Most stash resides with me!

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