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January 01, 2005



I think those are jolly good resolutions, I could apply most of them to myself, except that I don't plan on doing any intarsia, and although I love shawls I shall not start another one until I've finished the Leaf one (2006 most likely, rate I am going). Wish I had bought more Magpie too..... I had a day off yesterday and today from WIPS and made grand-daughter who liked her belt a pair of arm-warmer things - thumbs but no fingers - out of the odds and ends I had left over from said belt and bag. And started her a scarf with rest of left-overs plus what I bought at Libertys on Thursday - the browns and blues. Love the cashmere scarf. PS - why doesn't your comments box remember me?


Hi Jill

I'm not sure why your info isn't remembered, I've not changed anything (and don't know if I could anyway!)

This may be a typepad burp, or maybe your cookies settings have changed on the computer you use?

I've tried emailing you, and they're being bounced, apparantly aol are not recognising your email address! This might sort itself out soon, we hope!

dawn :)


I thought the scarf kit might tempt you to start lace knitting again - it's looking good!

My NYR's are to either complete the UFO'S or frog them; to finish sorting out my stash boxes; buy no more new yarn except to add to stash to complete a project and to remember that I knit for fun and relaxation and not try to keep up with the knitting whiz kids.

I started a new project for New Year's day and have just finished it - Ocean from Emma King. All yarn came from stash so I've made a good start.


No, it still doesn't remember me......All the other blogs I comment on they remember me! Some incompatability somewhere, I blame AOL. Have ticked box, will try again and see what happens.


No, it still isn't remembering me......

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