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January 23, 2005



I love Elise, but don't have enough bosom to do it proper justice - and neither has the model. I think it would look great on you! I have Salina started somewhere, but it has stalled because I don't like the colour I bought - I chose it in a very bad light in an out-of-town shop a couple of years ago. I am wearing the Maya at the moment, it is VERY warm, and would not like a polo-collar in it, unless I was climbing mountains or something. There aren't many mountains around West London......or you would need a t-shirt under it so you could strip off coming indoors....


I think I'm going to have to do Salina. Every time I see her I think how pretty and nicely fitted. Then I forget, see something else and off I go again. NO that's it I'm going to order the yarn now! Oh dear, see what you've done!


Hi Dawn! I found your blog-link from reading the comments on Helene's Sockapalooza-entry (now I'm regretting not having joined this knitalong...). I'm really impressed with your work, both the quality of it and the quantity. One jumper a month?!? I love the colour of January's turtle neck, could you let me know what yarn and colourway you've used (and internet retailer if you have one)? Thanks a lot!
Ingrid in Norway:)

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