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October 13, 2005



Pleased to see you made it to Uppingham in time! You've got lots of lovely stuff. The Alchemy was very hard to resist, pricey but such lovely colours and textures. I love the rose coloured Jamieson's yarn too.


Wow - that's a very satisfactory haul! You've given me lots of ideas for my turn at Ally Pally tomorrow. The Alchemy yarn looks particularly lovely.


I ran past Alchemy after seeing yours, the temptation to stop was so great. My legs wanted to go back but I was aimed towards Web of Wool. I think our coach driver was horrified when he saw us all coming back with extra loads.


Now I know why I didn't see you... you were a blur whizzing along the stands

lovely stuff... well done on not letting the side down. ;-)


Wow!!! Did you take a suitcase with you? All those purchases of yours are lovely. I definitely want to go next year...


And you managed to get this home on the bus? More power to you! I can't wait to go - I'm there tomorrow. My husband thinks I'll be home in the afternoon - fat chance!


So many lovely new yarns. It's going to be fun seeing them knit up.


oh my what a haul! i am positively green with envy. you have some wonderful new yarns there which are going to make some absolutely stunning projects. i can't wait to see your up-and-coming creations!


Looks good to me - but you have a reputation to keep up! Isn't it amazing that I could carry all mine (including two hard back books, 2 mags, 22 skeins of yarn, bottle of water) back to car park, whereas usually I grumble about carrying back a few potatoes.....


What a haul! I must admit I got v. carried away with the ALchemy as well.... but love it....

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