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October 06, 2005



Suzette is so pretty! Where is the pattern from?


You could make a tent with 5200 yds ;)
Pretty tension square...you'll have to use it for something else, it's too good to leave.


if you've got the catalogue I'll expect to see a personalised shopping by vendor and by aisle!


When I first clicked on I thought the shawl was a thong - have a quick look and you will see what I mean. Suzette sounds as if it ought to be a spring/summer knit when we have long light evenings.....I do like it though.


I like your choice of colours for Suzette and the sample looks really good. Why don't you photocopy and enlarge the chart?


Love your Suzette colours. I think it is going to look great.


I really like the colours for Suzette. The mystery shawl looks intriguing also. I'm looking forward to seeing your Ally Pally spreadsheet!


I'm looking forward to Ally Pally as well! Suzette is looking good - I love the stripey pattern, but all those ends to darn in afterwards....


I love the colors you've chosen! Nice. :)

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