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October 16, 2005



I tried to vote for a yoke, but it came up that I had already voted once - I hadn't, honest! Colours look really lovely. If you did a raglan I suppose it would be like a square, the pattern would go at an angle, with this design the yoke would look better?


I'm up to the second half of the divided front for Electra, and dreading the end darnings. I have no answer for how to make it more appealing. I've thought long and hard without success. I'm not experienced enough to change a pattern.


I voted yoke, but either way, it would be lovely. I like how you keep your stash low key- 'just some stuff' ;)


I have added my voice and voted, but whatever you chose to do will come up all right, I am sure...


I also tried to vote for a yoke and was denied. Rigged poll! I think the pattern would look nicer going round rather than zigzagging.


You are good to stay with an existing project. I'm so tempted to start something different but I got so many different things, it's hard to know where to start!

 kathy b

Oh my, it is so beautiful already. It is a work of art.

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