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October 09, 2005



I guess you mean 62? I have the same problem with a high instep - fine when on, but am always afraid of the yarn snapping in an effort to actually get them on. I was going to say that it wasn't many stitches, until I remembered you were using a dk.weight. Suzette looks gorgeous - are all the padlocky things round the edge to assist you when you were casting on all the zillions of stitches? And clapotis looks splendid!


I'm the same. I get up in the morning, get everyone off to work/school, get the chores done. Sit down to pick up a bit of knitting and find that there's no time. Something always crops up (and I don't even work!)


I've always liked Suzette. I know what you mean -not intarsia or Fairisle- being halfway thru' Electra. But the colour changes keep you going, when you can SEE the dratted pattern squares in daylight. After one repeat, I followed my previous knitting, but Suzette has a bigger repeat, I think. You've converted me to needing more WIPs to overcome bad light (among other excuses).


Suzette is looking lovely. I would imagine the 'just one more row' factor is very high. I was thinking 52 stitches wasn't many, but I guess in a DK it might be OK.


Your sock problem sounds like the heel flap is too short. If the sock fits around the foot and ankle, try knitting the heel flap a bit longer instead of increasing the stitches. This works for me. Suzette looks great!


Lovely blog! What yarn did you use for your Clapotis? I love the way the color stripes contrast the dropped stitches.


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