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February 13, 2006



They need bigger tables on trains me thinks!
You'll be done with the DB in no time, maybe even with a week to spare ;)


You seem to have done an awful lot since I saw it on Saturday! I am sure you will finish it on time.....


It's definitely growing. I worked out I bought enough yarn for 7 pairs of socks. There needs to be some sort of sock knitting fest after the Olympics I think!


about time you've posted a photo. I was going to write and complain bitterly.


This is growing very nicely indeed ! I am with Tracy here : you are well in the lead... One week is even possible!


You're really steaming along with your Olympic knitting! Looks good - lovely colour.

Did you use 'Strawberry Crush' for your mysteryshawlalong? Your pictures look reddish on my monitor but that colour looks pinkish elsewhere. Also, did you not like the Jaggerspun? I'm thinking of subbing some Jamiesons Ultra for a shawl project and I really wanted a cheery reddish colour (and I've been looking at your archives!).


I considered joining an FO team for the Olympics, but then that would take me away from the thing I really want to concentrate on at the moment and then I'd end up with yet another UFO! I will be interested to see how the neck shaping works out on your top-down pattern. Will check spincraft out now!

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