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February 03, 2006



The River looks great - I like it bigger! I didn't even make the elastic thingy - knew that I wouldn't use it. Good Job!!!!!


I love stripes and fairisle but have finally decided(after multiple mishaps) that they need to be stayhome knitting because of all the balls. I have even allocated a tray as the "multicoloured knitting container." This is a cunning plan to allow me to constantly have one such piece always on the needles! I'm waiting on the yarn for the fairisle slipover in Classic Summer to arrive in the mail.


River is great. Well done Dawn ! A lot of people didn't like the beaded tie after it was finished, so no regret there.
Looking forward to seeing what you finally will decide on for the Olympics...


It looks great without that little beaded thing. The size is just right too. Have you seen the new scarf pattern at Magknits? It has a bit of river-like lace going on in the middle and some other lace at the sides, very pretty too.


River looks good and I like the socks too. I think a lot of people didn't bother with the tie thing. As for the stash - maybe February will be better!


River looks good - and the socks. I liked the idea of that scrunchie thing to hold it together, but hve never seen one done or in use.....


I love your version of River and think it will go down very well with it's recipient.

That stash list is scary - I don't want to know what mine would look like!


Lovely River and lucky friend. It really suits her. I shope she has a fantastic holiday. Your stash list is very scary - thankfully I am not computer literate enough to make one up for myself - then I would be scared!


River is really pretty. As far as the jumper goes, if you could knit a Brandon Mably or Kaffe Fasset in 16 days I would take my hat off to you!

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