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February 23, 2006



Sorry to hear that you are sick. I was very sick a few weeks ago and had to go to the hospital to get IV's. I am much better now. I love the new Kim Hargreave's collection, especially Carrie. Which one's do you like?


Poor you, Dawn. I hope that you soon start to feel better. Too sick to knit? You must be feeling bad. Thanks for the Hargreaves link - they're all very wearable designs, aren't they? Very nice.


Get really well soon. For you, not being able to knit must have been devastating... But if you can now, there is still time enough to finish the challenge. You can do it Dawn!


I can definitely appreciate how you feel! Still the end of your Olympic knitting is doable - mine is going to be a very close shave!


Horrible to be feeling so ill, especially when the weather is miserable too. I haven't checked out Kim Hargreave's new collection, but I know Jill has succumbed already!


AS I think Oscar Wilde said 'I can resist anything except temptation' - and I seem to remember you had ordered a kit (kits) from Kim's earlier collection, Dawn? So sorry you have been poorly, there is a lot of it about. Take are, keep warm, you'll get a gold medal in the Olympics.....


Sorry to hear that you are not well, and even worse not feeling well enough to knit. Love Kims new collection too - so many knits, so little time!

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