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February 17, 2006



The sweater is coming along! Looking like you're not going to have any problem finishing!
Cheering from Chicago, still!


The fact that you find hard going at this stage to stick to the one and only wip is the proof that it is a real challenge for you. You are doing a super job and I would say you are definitely heading for the Gold.
Keep going!


Wow! I haven't checked in on you for a couple of days and there's all this progress to look at. I feel an early finish coming on with the reward that you get to knit something else. Keep going!


Go Dawn!


I can't believe how much you have got through. I'm still beavering away at WIPs inspired by your daunting stash in/stash out idea. One WIP out, then one new, much wanted new project... Working so far...

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