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February 25, 2006



Fantastic ! Well done !
It looks really good. You must have clocked up some serious knitting time.


River is beautiful!
Congratulations on finishing your challenge! It is a lovely cardi (I love the shape) and you deserve the Gold! You must be so relieved... Now you can go back to your 101 wips...


You did so well to finish in spite of your illness. I love the shape of it too. Is it going to be for you? Does this mean you can start something else tomorrow?

Claustrophobia - not a good idea to go on a ship, if you are that way inclined even the cabins can seem very enclosed, but perhaps they had a balcony? Lovely to see Margaret wearing it though!


That is one booooootiful cardigan!!!


It looks fabulous! Congrats on a beautiful Olympic project.


Go Dawn! Well done, it looks great and you did well to overcome the illness handicap to finish in time.


Margaret looks so happy in her shawl - well done!

Congratulations on the "Gold" , Mary's finished as well and I have 36 rows to go!


I had every faith you'd do it!


I'm really inpressed with the shawl and cardigan. I'll admit I wasn't sure about the cardi... but now it is finished it's beautiful! I often find i look at something 1/2 way thru knitting and wonder if it's right.
Well Done


Wonderful! Well done on finishing that Olympic knitting well ahead of time - definitely a gold medal performance!

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