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February 06, 2006



i like the first one best!


But it's meant to be a challenge - knowing you the 1st one would be easy - I think you should go for martha or Braids


Elise would be very flattering...


I like the first one too - would it be a challenge to complete it in that time?


Do the first one, you know you want to!

kathy b

Well, I'd decide based on which yarn you want to use. Something springish would of course be my choice right now. Do you already have the yarn?


I vote Martha - and you're right, Tracy's is lovely........looks sufficiently challenging, too!


I like them all - but would probably do the first one especially if you have the yarn there ready and waiting.


It's the speed of doing it that is the challenge isn't it, and getting it sewn up and finished, rather than abandoned. So go with the first one! I am seriously considering Tracy's Martha, too.....

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