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February 16, 2006



Oh no! I thought it was Day 6 today, I've lost a day without even realising. Better get cracking. I think you'll manage yours easily, so long as you can bear the stares while commuting.


Sticking to one project is the hardest part for me, too, although it is easier to keep track of my stitch patterns this way.


It's looking really pretty - I've cracked today and ordered the pattern. I love it when you can download them straightaway!


I'm glad it's not just me that loses stitches left right and centre. It's looking good though. How long does it take you to commute backwards and forwards?


Good progress. Pity about the sleeve accident but you're right, keep going, go back to the sleeves later. I like this pattern.
You're doing great with your challenge!


Looking good! I admire your self-control. Not even a little socky?


Very nice - I'm liking that lace pattern!


I love it. You are really making good progress. I like that Trinity stitch. I need to get cracking on my Bohus.

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