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February 20, 2006



That is looking lovely.


you're making excellent progress.... keep going, you can do it!

sorry to heat about the lack of hot water and heating...not fun huddling in front of a gas fire.


Incredible progress ! Be brave, not that long to go now. You'll make it!


Ha! Serves you right for not living in the subtropics. Heaven knows it is a big enough disadvantage for a knitter like me, most of the time. The project is looking good!


Do I detect you're a little bit peeved? Stiff upper lip, you're so close, knit faster to generate more warmth, no sparks though it could be detramental to cardy ;)


I'm am SO with you on the "sick of knitting on one sweater." But, yours looks wonderful!
Stick with it!


I'm sick of knitting on one mitten! Sorry to hear about the boiler - we had no hot water or heating on Sunday either, not pleasant.

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