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March 19, 2006



How astonishing! They look much better in the second colourway. I suppose the heat will have fixed it, and they won't bleach back to dreary camel. I'm not a camel wool enthusiast!


Now that was a pretty spectacular colour change, that red was obviously pretty powerful. That's the sort that normally ends up in my washing machine along with Neil's work shirts.....


That must have been a surprise when you opened the machine! Even if you didn't get everything on the list done, it still sounds like a pretty productive weekend to me.


Now that's the kind of mixed wash accident I could live with! I like them very much. I know what you mean about making lists - I do it all the time and complete forget about all the regular stuff that has to be done, washing, cooking, cleaning.....

Still, a girl can daydream!


Yes, maybe you should have signed up for Project Spectrum!... It turned out great...

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