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March 10, 2006



The STR sock is looking very good. You can't order direct from Blue Moon Fibre Arts, but The Fold will ship to the UK. Maybe all the UK sock knitters should get together and do a bulk order. Missing sock yarn - that sounds very serious!


Kim Hargreaves's ALI kit is on my wish list as well. It's gorgeous isn't it? Not sure when I will get around to buying it though as I have 2 other KH kits that I haven't finished (1) and started (the other) yet!!!


I am looking forward to seeing Ali on your needles!!! You will have fun too with the Evelyn Clark knitalong, so many beautiful shawls... You will be busy (and I am not counting the socks!...)


Champagne, chocs and flowers? How'd that pass me by???? Me thinks somebody around here needs a bit of subtle reminding. Watch out boys there's a screen print popping out now!


I've been eyeing up that Kim Hargreaves kit! Oddly I seem to like the mustard colour - there must be something wrong with me... Please stop being a bad influence on me - that lovely kit and all that gorgeous sock yarn... Big sigh.



I emailed a few stores to ask if/when they'd stock it. apparently getknitted keep trying to contact them and get no reply!

So I emailed Blue Moon abot it, and got loooong emails saying how busy they are etc, etc. I was annoyed at first, I'd like to try that yarn, but there are enough cool UK based things, or at least stuff people like GetKnitted can stock.


I am makin sock in the same vera colorway. Did you use 2 skeins and knit alternately? Mine is pooling a bit.

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