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March 05, 2006



Chris' socks will look great peeking out of his smashing shoes. I am beginning to think that striped socks can be really good looking.


I've got some of that red and white striped wool! I wanted to be like Pippi Longstocking...


I love those red/white socks! Perfect for football watching... Aren't those fingers injuries painful? I get them when I knit with small needles and I find that putting a plaster on the offending spot before a knitting session helps a lot in healing the cut.


I think the socks are in Opal Rodeo....those little cuts are a real nuisance, I find just sticking a bit of Selotape over them when I am knitting helps, think they need fresh air to heal up the rest of the time.....

Ro also sat up to watch the boxing, I tried last night to watch the Oscars, but I just fall asleep - so got up early this morning instead.


I think you have Olympic injuries...time to eat chocolate!

Dipsy D.

Wow, I can't believe how fast you're knitting - envy, envy :) I absolutely adore the red-white-striped ones, they look amazing indeed!
Oh, and these knitting injuries - it's a painful thing indeed, isn't it? My fingers often looks like a lumberjack's after knitting - hope they won't ever stay that way!
Have fun knitting, and best wishes from Austria!

kathy b

Ohhhhh I love the mohair ....

Just wanted you to know that I have knit one sock from Montana Woolies that you gifted me. I LOVE the easy pattern. So fun. Thanks again.


Great socks and I'm blown away with how fast you're knitting. Do you know there is a Vintage Socks knitalong, and the Child's French sock is the March/April sock?


Hi there. Love the socks. The vintage piece is gorgeous. I love TT yarn. Just got some for lace knitting this summer.

I just have to learn to do socks!

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