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April 01, 2006



Blimey! ;)


Oh dear... and I thought I had alot of yarn, but I don't! I guess I have to go shopping! *he, he*


I think I'm going to show my husband that this is what a real stash should be! :D


there is a big difference between me and you. You seem to know where all your stuff is located.


This is a real stash. I love it. I wished you did some closeups some of that stuff looks just too fabulous.




Superb stash ! You have great taste in yarn. I don't dare get all my yarn out. I really don't need to know ! It's not that I'm ashamed of my stash. Not a bit of it,just that I despair of ever getting enough time to knit it. ;-]


Wow!!! I am speechless... Some gorgeous yarn you've got there (in all the places...)


Oh wow...I have stash envy! I'm a newer sock knitter and my budget just doesn't leave me enough room to buy the yarns I'd like to. I guess I could bookmark your entry and drool all over the computer! I won't tell you what I'd give to dive into those yarns and just lay in them for a while! *lol*

lynne s of oz

Oh boy! You have Stash! :-)


Lovely cardi that you just finished. This is some stash!


Wow - that's a lot of yarn!


I have never SEEN so much sock yarn all in one place - not even in a LYS.

My eyes are bugging out. How many socks worth IS that?

Come visit my stash flash.


It is truly beautiful and covetous. My sock stash is about ten balls but I can't knit socks, so it is absurd! I keep buying "how to" books then getting cold feet. (It wasn't until I read that back that I realised how silly that sounds.)
I love an organised stash. It decreases my anxiety. Your stash "in and out" has been on my mind this week as I knit hats to counteract the wool flying in the mail towards me. I feel better for it!


Stunning, simply stunning!


You got stash and I have a serious smile on my face. I love your stash; it is so awesome. Way to go. Love your sock stash, and hey you have some really nice yarns there. You go girl!

Thanks for flashing and hey thanks for visiting me!

Wendy DG

Your stock stash alone puts mine to shame! Very noble stash.


The husband's reaction #1: Jeepers
The husband's reaction #2: Does she own a barn?
The husband's reaction #3: You cannot be friends with this lady.



Thank you. Thank you so much. I feel so much better now. (And while I may have all the STR in the world, it looks like you've got all the OPAL! ;-) )


Ok, I feel tons better about my stash now. Would you happen to be in the market for a new best friend?


Wow that is definitely the greatest STASH I've seen over the last couple of days. I'm impressed. Well done!


Wow, I can only dream. Thank you so much for posting these inspiring images. From now on I can aspire to such dizzy heights and of course use these pictures to threaten my husband should he ever utter a whine regarding the amount of wool which seems to magically multiply in this house.


WOW. I bow before you, Oh Supreme Yarn Stashing Goddess!


I'm sending a link to your blog to my husband. Never again can he complain that I've bought too much wool. I am stunned that you have a stash under your desk at work. I haven't thought of that, hmm...


I love you I love you...you have more than me! Gorgeous stuff. and unless you are very very young and you knit 24/7...you qualify for SABLE.
Wanna know how sick I am? I see stuff in your stash I wish I had!

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