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April 01, 2006



Am I looking forward to those photos hehe! Another handy addition to you wardrobe there, I love a ruby shade.


I LOVE YOUR STASH! Of course now I have stash envy. Oh just to live under your work desk for a week or two .....

Just a suggest for your musty yarn: why don't you just give it away? I had a computer printer that didn't feed the paper correctly ,a ton of cheap acrylic yarn, and an entire little village of houses that I didn't want anymore. I put an ad in the local paper as free to good home. All were taken by appreciative people. Recycled intead of trashed! Someone might be happy to skein, wash, and air out yarn they got for free.

Carrie K

I came from Chris's blog to gawk at your stash (and wow!) but I love that cardigan. Pretty!

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