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April 29, 2006



That's so annoying! I'm paranoid about not having enough yarn for a project and usually buy far too much. Hope you find the socks...


Such a shame !!! All this work for nothing... Don't kick yourself too hard. Hope you have enjoyed Dr Who as much as I did.


Like Brigid I'm usually considerably over my yarn requirements. You should try posting an ISO request on Knitter's Review and see if anybody has any.

I vote for working on the socks, but then again, I'd rather knit socks than practically anything else.


I've looked, I haven't got any of that yarn. But I do hope someone else has. I'm paranoid about running out of yarn, which is why I have so many bags with 2 or 3 balls in.....

Hope the socks turn up.....


Pooh comes to mind...ok either it's crash diet time or you go on the hunt for more of this particular dye lot. Wish I could help.


darn.. I hate running short and it always happens at the most iopportune time


I love the Melinda pullover but really shouldn't encourage you to start anything else, my bad habits ought not to be spread.

I hate running out of yarn too and tend to buy too much. And it doesn't help to think there is always going to be a yarn famine just around the corner!

I hope the sock turns up.


Can you convert the pattern at all? Short sleeve cardigans are very 'in' at the moment?! Hope the socks turn up.

PS. Doctor Who was good, wasn't it? I'm still not entirely sure about this new fellow but it was fun to see some 'old' characters turning up.


Oh no Dawn! I love the way that something red was turning out. Very frustrating.



Sorry about the blahs. There are a lot of us afflicted at the moment. When I thought I was running out of yarn, a post to UKhandknitters brought just what I need. There are some really generous-spirited people out there.

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