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April 24, 2006



Good choice with the ASC, you'll have that done and dusted in no time at all, no sweat! I do like Summer Tweed though, which reminds me, I have a nice little pile of the oatmeal colour upstairs.....


You're doing well with your stash-busting! Can't wait to see your FO soon...


Give me ASC over Summer Tweed any day - I can't stand knitting with Summer Tweed, although the colours are great. Look forward to seeing the finished rug as well.


I like your rug. I've enjoyed reading the MDK book very much. As you say, the patterns are simple, but they're well chosen to be things that should actually work and look good. I played with a log cabin square and soon realised that you need the weights of the different colours to be the same - ideally all the same brand, I suppose. Using up odd balls didn't quite work!


Strangely, different colours of Summer Tweed feel different to me, while knitting. They were bought in different years, so maybe they changed the recipe. The more modern two, in Kim Hargreaves kits, felt fine, but the green one in discotinued Salad feels awful and scratchy. I think the newer ASC feels different too- more squeaky and synthetic. I'm sure Rowan wouldn't admit it, though.


That's odd, Linda - I've just finished a child's hooded top in ASC - most of it was done in old ASC from stash, but I bought two balls to do some stripes, and they felt quite different, as you say much more squeaky/plastic. I even looked at the ball band to see if Rowan had sneaked in a higher proportion of acrylic, but the recipe is the same.

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