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June 14, 2006



You did very well to be so restrained, I am going to Stash on Saturday not sure whether my will power will be going with me though ;-)


It's a great shop isn't it? I popped back on Tuesday and bought the felted cushion pattern too. I didn't buy any yarn, although I did stop to fondle the Hand Maiden silk.


Maybe I am fortunate to live on a small island with no wool shops and far from London... I think it would ruin me! Well done for being wise, and I love your purchases...


I've been eyeing up that bag, trying hard to resist :( I feel my resistance weakening as we speak.


Looking forwrad to visiting this shop when I am home again soon. Sorry to have missed the Get Knitted trip this year, brought back good memories from last year. Thanks to the link for the fab cushion via Nic's. Just gorgeous and just what i am looking for for my Rowan exchange this year. Off to see if my LYS has it in stock.


I really like your new bag! It looks really useful with all those pockets, I'll have to have a look for something similar myself.


Oooh - fab yarn, great bag. WIsh I lived closer so I could go and see!


Pretty fatal to have such a good shop close by, isn't it?! Looks like a good haul again - that felted cushion pattern looks interesting. Next time I'm in London....

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