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September 23, 2006



Sorry to see the demise of Henley - all that kntting - couldn't you have converted it into a cushion or something? (A tea-cosy?) Haven't you done the Kureyon one before......


When a good project turns bad frogging is just the right thing to do. I reckon my completion:frogged ratio is about 2:1. Do I feel guilty? Nope!

Are you going to turn the yarn into something else?


I agree with Mandella - get it off the needles! I think the Kureyon cozy might be just the thing for my craft stall (am I beginning to sound obsessed?)


Good for you. No need to keep stuff going that isn't working for you. Brava!


How fateful! Good job noro kureyon is so interesting to knit with since your 2 new projects involves both!


That colour's not even close! Aren't you glad you have a ball winder...


Such a shame when so close to the end! (it happened to me before and I too couldn't be bothered to hunt for the right dye lot) Never mind, it wasn't meant to be...
Looking forward to the beginning of your blanket, what a great way to use your stash!


Sorry about your henley. Sometimes projects are just not meant to be. That is a great Noro stash you have there! It would be perfect for LL.

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