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December 22, 2006



You could try some Pulmos Bailley - very old-fashioned cough medicine available from independent chemists - very strong, tastes foul, (ask Polly!) but it enables you to sleep at night... Failing that, why not buy a surgical mask for when you are visiting baby etc.?

I wait with bated breath to see what Dawn Starts Next.......


That night time cough is a killer, for all comcerned. Gee's linctus pastils always work for me although our local chemist sizes you up if you ask for them over the counter as they contain opium....how many you'd have to take to get that type of effect is beyond me ;) but they do stop me choking anyway! Hope you find something really lovely to play with over the holidays, have a good Christmas x


I vote for the Louisa Harding - it looks lovely and perfect for winter layering. Night time coughs are awful; I tend to go for an Olbas oil rub on the chest and then something with a sedative in it to promote sleep. Feel better soon - and give Chris some echinachea (sp?); it should help keep germs at bay.

Alpaca Woman

Happy Christmas, Dawn! Hope you feel better soon.


You're only infection before the symptoms start and for the first couple of days so even if Chris does get it you should be OK?


Have a lovely Christmas too Dawn! Hope you get better so you can enjoy yourself!... (Lots of colds around and we have starting coughing and sneezing over here too!)


Hi there, thanks for the kind words re Oakley - the Mission Falls is going to be gorgeous. I love the colours of the yarn and I am really tempted to buy some when I have worked down my stash mountain so you will have to keep us posted re the progress. The Kim hargreaves kits are brilliant - I have bought myself a kit for Christmas (Tender - whic is in a soft green "Meadow"), she is fab. Happy Christmas!


Yes, I think you're only infectious while you're sneezing and even before you really feel ill. Anyway, you can't really be held responsible - just about everyone's got a cough at the moment! Hope you all stay well and have a lovely Christmas!


Gosh, I am sorry that you caught cold right now. Bad time of year to be sick. Get well soon.

I love the baby booties. Very cute. I have a neighbor with a 3 month old. I wonder if I can whip out a pair of booties by...tomorrow? Nah! I am way to slow a knitter.

My best to all of you this Christmas Dawn.


Ugh, I hear you on the cold. I seem to have caught one as well, right at the beginning of ten days of vacation...hope you feel better soon.


Merry Christmas, Dawn. I'm gloating over what to cast on tomorrow (Christmas Day) with far too many WIPs. What the heck.. it's Christmas. I'm allowed to...


Merry Christmas to you too Dawn and I hope that you get well again soon. Love the Russian dolls - is it a set - or is the snowman something different? Sorry for all the questions but my son collects them so I am always interested to see new ones :))


Season's Greetings !

Hope you're feeling better.


Happy Christmas Dawn. I hope you get rid of the cold soon. Like everyone else I don't think you're contagious now.


I hope you had a lovely Xmas and that you are feeling a lot better now! xx


Hi Dawn, I'm commenting again to let you know I've tagged you. Happy New Year!

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