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December 04, 2006



Well done on getting it all finished. Time to stop those small things and get your teeth into something bigger.


You had a very productive November! You can hardly tell where you changed yarn in the socks.

The doll is simply adorable!! You do pretty good finish work with vodka! lol Much better than I could I bet.

I have one skein of Misti Alpaca that has been sitting in my stash for years, so thanks for that link!


Hi there - met you in the I Knit Shop last Wednesday, I think. I thought your talk of knitting all in white for a baby was familiar - I already had your blog on my Newsgator blogroll.

I have alreadys tarted knitting Pomotamos fingerless gloves with one of the Earth toned potluck skeins of Cherry Tree Hill I bought, and find the colours and the yarn delightful. Hope they stay so after washing!

Was good to meet you,



Well done Dawn on finishing your Xmas knitting on time!... What are your plans now???


You are intimidatingly efficient, Dawn! I've dealt with Christmas knitting by not doing any, this year. The downside (only just apparent to silly me) is that means more Christmas shopping to be done.

Holly Burnham

I know you called the creamish baby creation a cardigan....but it looks to me as though you've knitted an entire jumpsuit in the picture with Grammie. What a lovely job....kudos to you.

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