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July 06, 2007



Well you made a really good job of it, I'm impressed. It's the casting off I find laborious and I have to keep checking myself as I keep doing it too tightly. Mine does fine to heavy four ply, maybe a light double knit, you have to watch your tension on that I can tell you :( Hope you do have enough for the collar, enjoy your weekend anyway.


I think I actually may have this weekend to myself too for a change. I can't wait!

I like your baby cardi much better than the EZBS with that yarn, which I really like btw.

I hope you don't run out of yarn. That's a really cute pattern!


I think wistfully of all the family leaving me alone but then the house seems so quiet and strange when they (rarely)do. Nothing like one imagines it will be.


I've been debating doing that Baby Surprise jacket. I've seen so many in blogland, but very few pictures actually on a baby. The proportions seem strange to me. Like the way the second sweater looks.

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