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September 03, 2007



Well, Dawn'I'm very impressed. I've been copying Polly at All Tangeld Up and frogging WIPs that I'm sick to death of. My teenager is inheriting a couple (almost finished so I'll finish them) that are so old that they are 2 sizes too small. Disgraceful, isn't it?
I haven't bought any new Winter yarn, I'm so overwhelmed. (Bought books and sock yarn, so not perfect!)


It's no good, I can't knit to deadlines/be organised like you. Think it is something to do with having a mathematical background....If a new pattern distracts me, I'm off down that path, leaving WIPs behind me....mine do usually get finished, but when I feel like it. I like to feel I'm in charge!


oh man, I am soo jealous. I need to deal with the wips before I can merrily cast on with abandon ;-)


Wow, you had a good month!! I'm very, very impressed. I'm not quite there on the Mystery Stole yet - though I am now into clue 7, so there can't be that much further to go...


Well, you had a very successful knitting month! I'd be happy if I accomplished half that much! :)

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