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September 16, 2007



the bee is looking lovely!

good luck with the move! I hate these kind of disruptions too!


God luck withthe move. wishing you lots of good karma!! Love the Autumn carigan - it looks brill!!


BTW - like the new look of the blog. Wish I was as adventerous or understood blogging a little better.


The beefields shawl is looking terific, hope you get some time to work on it this week, if not at least some socks. Hope the move all goes well, just keep some simple kntting in your backpack so that you have at least something to hand, even if you can't find anything else....


Irrestible, isn't it - I succumbed to the Koigu too! Hope the move goes smoothly - love the bee shawl - I am tempted too!


Good luck with the move - I hope it all goes as smoothly as possible. I hope you left me some Smoochy sock yarn at Stash I was hoping to make a pilgrimage sometime this coming week!


Crikey, no more stashing secrets at the stash flat....you'll have to get a lock up or something ;)Hope it all gets back to normal soon (we're decorating the boys bedrooms meaning they've relocated to various other parts of the house. I can't actually get into the spare room where all my goodies are kept!


Best of luck with your move.


mmmm koigu
thinking calm move thoughts your way


Good luck with the move! I hate upheaval too, so agree with you about staying out of the way while the packing gets done.


Good luck with the move. I bet you'll find some more wool stashed away and forgotten!...


Good luck with the move. I hate moving too. It's so much work.

The shawl is looking good!


How is the move going? Do you work with fibers for a living?


I've ordered the rectangular one but not started it yet. Yours looks so lovely. I love watching LOTR over and over again, too. Good luck with the move.

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