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September 07, 2007



I like your Autumn swatch. I have a conglomeration of yarns - or will have when Astrid's package arrives.

Again, FPS is gorgeous.


OMG, that stole is just so gorgeous! where can I get hold of that pattern, I think I have just the yarn for something like that marinating in my stash.
best wishes from Iceland


Your forest path is just fantastic! I have run out of adequate words for how gorgeous it is - definitely worth the effort.

Love the Kauni swatch too - I would go with the burgundy too.


congrats on the wonderful stole. It's really gorgeous. Now you need to go to the opera or a garden party to wear it!
As for ends on the crochet square - you can hide them as you go...


The Forest Path is wonderful, and looks to have been well worth all the effort! - fantastic!


Beautiful stole! For the crochet squares, I would advise to tidy the ends as you go!...


Stunning FPS - almost enough to make me think of knitting it - can't wait to see it in real life


I've loved the FPS ever since I first saw it - which has to be at least a year ago now. I decided against the KAL, as I had other, pressing, projects at the time. I still love it, but everyone always seems to be *so* glad when they reach the end of it! I think the entrelac-type aspect is both appealing and terrifying, to me. Anyway, yours is beautiful! I look forwards to the outdoor shots. :)

kathy b

I'd weave in a thousand ends if I could knit lace like you do. You are amazing. Go for that baby blanket.


Hi Dawn
Love the FPS it is just gorgeous! I would knit considerably slower than you, so I'm not sure I'm quite ready to take it on. The Bee Fields Shawl is also lovely - the colour you've chosen works really well.
On another note, I've just signed up to Typepad for my Blog (I'm not telling anyone the url yet as it is just too embarressing for words as the moment!) and I was wondering what level of membership you have - with your own designed heading etc.



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