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September 11, 2007



You are just zipping through those September goals! Love the Autumn cardigan, great colours and they look very nice together.


Such a pretty colour combination for the Autumn cardy, looking forward to seeing it finished.


I get lots of stares when sock-knitting, too. I think it's the tiny needles and the apparent complexity of 'little wool' and working in the round. Doesn't matter whether you use DPNs, one circ or two, the work in progress still looks like alien technology landed in a sheep.


Love the beginning of the Autumn cardi! Beautiful colours!



The Forest Path Stole is STUNNING!! Well done you. I love the Kainu yarn - that looks fun.

Hope to visit Stash again soon and catch up.

Sue xx


I always gets stares of amazement when knitting socks in public too. The comments crack me up. It makes me want to say things like, "Yes, it is truly magical, only a few select are allowed the secret of socks. It takes years to develop the skill and requires two hands and needles of your choice." Heh.

Your Autumn cardi is already looking fabulous. I think that pattern is breathtaking. I'm knittng the Kauni into a Forest Canopy Shawl (larger version) and the color changes keep me mesmerized. (I'm easily entertained.)

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