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January 09, 2008



I'm at exactly the same spot on my Damask Kauni! I just ordered some smaller circs for my sleeve. I was using magic loop, but not loving it. What's it going to take to get us motivated??? Your's is absolutely gorgeous, by the way!


Hi Dawn!

It looks so lovely I´d love to make one too.

About your steek problem – you could just cut away some of your steeks if you want them to be smaller.
I usually trim mine a bit when I´m done knitting the sleeves.
Best of luck!


I love the pinky purply leaves on the dark green background, it's giving me ideas for something else I've wanted to do for a long time....


What can we do to motivate you to know more on Autumn Leaves? It looks so good but I sense you're just not feeling the love for it.


your autumn leaves looks beautiful. mine is on hold until i get a replacement for the harmony needle that broke when a kid bounced on it. i was almost done with the body. sigh.

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