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January 20, 2008



Well, that certainly is interesting colour distortion. My camera has enormous trouble with purple, but it's not been so bad since I picked up the manual and got to grips with all the various settings. Photoshop works wonders too, but I don't think even it could have sorted out your outdoor shot.


Good *grief*!!! I couldn't believe that they were actually the same socks when I first looked! They look lovely - especially in the second shot.


So you didn't worry too much about matching the stripes in the end? They look great.


Wow, that color isn't even close. Maybe your camera needed coffee or something. Great socks!


Wow, the colours in the two photos are so different. I have been having terrible trouble lately with taking photos as the light is so bad. I tried to take some WIP shots of my current socks the other night but when I looked at them on the computer they were all blurred! Also, I can never take an accurate shot of green yarn! It always comes out the wrong colour! Great socks by the way!


I just gotta say, I love the color of those socks. Where did you find that yarn?

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