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January 13, 2008



The moitred sqaures are so pretty! I'll be enjoying watching your squares grow :)


Wow they're really beautiful. Can't believe how much you get done! Then I suppose if I wasn't blogging right now I could be knitting...! Will be great to see the quilt grow!


I love it!


Oh, wow. I'd not come across this pattern before; I was thinking "A *quilt* in KSH?? Isn't that going to be a bit weird and floaty and, well, pricey to put on top of a bed?" And then I followed the links and realised it was a scarf/stole with a quilty look - and oh, boy, is it lovely! What a lovely way to use up KSH 'pieces'. Hmmm....


I've already bought the KSH to make the Modern Quilt and seeing how yours is getting on is making me desperate to start.

However I'm even more inundated with WIPS than usual and really must finish something!

By the way I had comptemplated using the KSH double - apart from the double cost have you any opinions (I thought I might like a more substantial piece but I'm not sure)

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