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January 30, 2008



Beautiful! I love them!


Wow, the squares look great. I may be tempted if I finish the Mystery one in October.
At least there is no fancy sheepy fair isle with the picnic blanket.
Good idea to sew in the ends and finish the strips.


Very nice! You're going to enjoy very elegant picnics by the river in the summer.


that is such a pretty blanket! It looks perfect for not just picnics but sofa slumping and many other occasions

Sandra Mathieux

Which book does this come from. l have been
thinking of buying one of her books but can't decide which one. l believe the latest
one has beads and sequins inthe blocks as well. That could be nice.


I'm enjoying seeing this project grow. I lack the discipline to do one for myself!

I noticed that they have republished Debbie Abrahams book and retitled it - I pounced on it in the bookshop hoping it was a book of new designs. I really like her use of pattern and colour.

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