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April 20, 2008



Have I misread what you mean? 48 cms is about 19 ins. on my tape measure, nothing like 31....

I am sorry you are having all these problems, but pleased you are blazing the trail for me and others who also want to do this pattern! I did not like the look of the decreasing in the photo, but didn't read the pattern as to how it was done (story of my life) I am sue yours will look much better.


oops! Well spotted Jill! Serves me right for trying to sort out a blog post and do the cooking/washing up!



Yowza! At that rate, I'd say you'll have no worries finishing the garment this month... Though things like buying buttons (or zips, ahem) would typically be my downfall. And I just measured: from bang under my armpit to wristbone, my arm is 20.5" long. But I'm six foot tall and lanky, so yeah, I'd say 19" is pretty long!


It certainly sounds like there are some oddities with Neutral Tailoring. I think with the amount of brainpower and fiddling you're having to use on that sleeve you should rename it Neural Tailoring.

The sleeves don't look long on the model, but 19" does seem a little generous. I'm quite long in the arm and I've just knitted a 18.5" sleeve.

As for the sleeve cap, you're on your own. I know it's obvious, but have you checked for pattern errata?


I don't like the way the decreases look in the picture either. I hope your changes with the sleeve cap worked out for you. It's such a pretty sweater.

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