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May 11, 2008



What is that lovely, shiny, PINK yarn that you´re using for the Norwegian Woods shawl?


I think we bypassed Spring altogether and went straight to Summer. I've been pulling out summer clothes and putting away the winter ones too after baking at work last week. Funny how they all seem to have shrunk over the winter.

That blanket's going to be stunning when it's finished.


The hottest day of the year is NOT the one to do washing or all that cleaning.....that is what you do in the winter to keep warm! At least you won't have to do it again until about October, when the summer clothes will have to be packed away and those lovely clean woollies will all come out.

My 'old stone wall' doesn't look like yours, it isn't basket stitch, obviously I can't even read instructions any more....mine is more 'old fence painted in stripes' like a wide rib. But at least they are the same as each other!


Blimey! I cleared out the shed - does that count as spring cleaning?


I think you were very brave to do the Spring cleaning on such a hot day!...
Me? I just thought about it...

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