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November 05, 2012



I am so honoured that you all have such nice memories of Stash. I am so sad about Jill. What a lovely post. Brought tears to my eyes. It makes me happy that the knitting group that I started still lives on, and that Jill had many good times there. I will be sending flowers via Fedex to Nic today.


Such a lovely tribute Dawn, I've got tears in my eyes, but I'm smiling as well, as you summed up the spirit of Jill so well.


What a wonderful tribute to Jill , she really was an inspiration in so many ways.


A beautiful tribute which really showcases the JIll I came to know and love. In recent years I may not have seen her as often as I would have liked but on every occasion we did meet it was her passion for knitting and for friendship that shone through. I was so pleased to see her at Ally Pally - even if she did beat me to the skein of yarn I had my eye on!

Every time I open a knitting magazine I can almost hear her comments on the design, colour choice and in some cases the delusions of the designer!

About 10 years ago I met up with Jill at a small local craft event. As she was leaving she told me she'd left a book for me under a stall holder's table. When I collected it I discovered it was "Principles of Knitting" a book I'd heard rave reviews of but it was out of print and impossible to get hold of. I 'm not ashamed to report that I cried and shook believing that she didn't understand the magnitude of the gift. I tried to speak to her a couple of times about the gift, saying I'd return it after I'd read it.


Jill told me that the book was for me to keep, she knew I would use it and I did for nearly 10 years teaching knitting to beginners and others at many shows around the UK. I got so much pleasure from this and made so many friends thanks to Jill


I am so sad to read about Jill's death. She was such an inspiration to me and took the trouble to write a pattern out for me and send it to me when we first met. She always seemed to have time for everyone and was so generous in spirit. I missed the knitting group so much once I started back at work full time - I have very fond memories of the happy times we had in Stash. Jill was so special and you have captured her spirit so well, Dawn.


Beautifully written, Dawn. I remember those knitting Saturdays at Stash with great fondness.


Thank you for posting this Dawn. I often think of the group at Stash with fondness, and of course Jill is a part of those memories. I'm so sad that she's passed away but happy that it was relatively painless and that she was knitting to the end.
She was so kind and friendly to me, I hope that I can be like her - in her her life and in her knitting.
Hugs to everyone.


You have said it all so beautifully , Dawn. Thank you.


What a beautiful post. Jill would have loved it. Jill is going to be missed dearly by so many people.


Thank you for this beautiful post. When I posted about my first visit to London on the Rowansite, she invited me to a 'meeting' at Liberty's and even arranged for some of Rowanettes for me to meet. She really made me feel welcome. I'm very happy to have known her.


What a wonderful post about a lovely lady. Jill was one of those people who cared. I only met her a couple of times. She was so kind to me,at a very dark time in my life I was on the receiving end of one of her cards, it touched my heart.


Like so many others, this post did bring tears to my eyes. Yvonne, I also had a book gift from Jill, one she said I would use more than she - an out of print Alice Starmore. A book to be treasured.

We have all lost a very good friend whether we knew Jill in person or only via correspondence for many years like me.


Beautiful post! Jill loved you and your blog and was always telling me to look at this, that or the other on your pages. You've captured her spirit so completely, her kindness, generosity and enthusiasm was infectious to all she met. I, along with so many others will miss her a great deal. xxx


Thank you Dawn for such a fitting and heartfelt tribute to a wonderful friend, she has left a hole in my life that no-one could ever fill, I know a lot of people will feel the same. Xxx


I really am so sorry to hear this. I've been a little out of the loop just lately and suddenly out of the blue I thought of your blog. I met Jill a few times, the last was when she and Ro came down to stay at Sandford in the caravan. I was amazed at how many knitting projects she'd brought down with her to play with during her stay. We went out for lunch and the time sped by so quickly, we didn't stop chattering!
A truly lovely, caring, talented and very thoughtful lady. A pleasure to have made friends with her. X

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